Lyrics to Sidewalk
Sidewalk Video:
Fasten seatbelts, yet we linger on here clutching at straws, losing our course
one foot steady on the gas, but the gear is in reverse
for every day that's passed we're nurturing our curse

still we know that one mile down the express lane won't get us where we wanted to go
it's not an intuition, we've long since stopped to listen
morals will take us there with nothing to show

searching for a way to find the questions that you cannot answer
I'm on the sidewalk right behind you
leaving from a distant place you never even knew existed
stuck on the sidewalk right behind you

though everything's ambiguous, nothing seems too propitious
the road I've chosen I will walk on my own
I know we've all been thinking we'd jump the ship, but sinking
is easier than being stranded alone

we'll never bond and I'll never respond to the masses who cling on to precepts of classes
but fall in the end, I will never amend just what I have become and the mistakes I've done
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