Lyrics to Sidetracked
Sidetracked Video:
Does any body care or are they to busy watching and unlearning
Glued to the TV while the rest of the world is burning
Catching your attention by televising the latest human tragedy
Focusing your energy on the furthest thing from reality
And who knows what goes on while hooked to their lies?
As long as the public as the public isnt looking, do they care who dies?
And they have their ways of keeping you occupied
So you can't see what they're trying to hide
Do you trust your government?
Do you trust a higher power?
Do you think the only world happenings are what you see in the news each hour?
Why do we know everything about the last day and neglect the last 50 years?
Would you even question that things don't go on that no one hears?
You're sidetracked by a fictional diversion
You're fooled into trusting a murderous monster
Shut it off, stop being so numb to the truth
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