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Lyrics to Side Kick
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I had i dream i was a vigilantes sidekick
My name is tim im a lesser known caaracter
I had a dream i was a vigilantes sidekick
Fighting crime in the streets together
Down in oakland off of west grand
St joseph relief a program
A good place were good people get food
Help your fellow man is a good thing to do
Government agency said be afraid of me
I shut your doors down it wont phase me
Wolverine came through left the agent for dead
Opened up the doors back up
Everyone was fed
Do not bill the abandoned buildings
It's nice to sleep when you've got a ceiling.
Neighborhood watch said we gotta put a stop
Can't have people livin' for free call the cops.
Here comes the SWAT team, and the M-16
Shoot the walls in, destroy the building.
Wolverine was sad and it made him mad
Every single cop got a bullet in the head

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