Lyrics to Sick With It
Sick With It Video:
Sick sick with disease
deny addiction down on my knees
feed my affliction scared to believe my own decisions
eager to please
distorted visions breathe life need life breath life keep life
lie and decieve with no emotion
false promises loss of devotion
scarred by deceit my self destruction
love obsolete live in disfunction breathe life need life breath life keep life
bleed life heal life feel life the sweet life is all i want...
can i bleed for the ritual?
Bleed for it got a need for the ritual can I breathe for the ritual?
Breathe for it.
Got a need for the ritual?
Sick with it.
Sick with it.
Sick with it, sick with it...

It's inside me I feel it growing nowhere to hide my anger's showing
[repeat chorus]
And on this dark night of my soul
I will continue to pray for us and try to remember only the good things...
the sweet life
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