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SICK OF MY LIFE V1: I?m about to lose control I?m all alone here by my own no one but my shadow in this fuckin? darkness And no one?s there calling me up an no one?s there who cares for me Oh, I don?t wanna be This simple melody it?s goin? round and round in my head for that I?ve never found I?m smoking up my cigarettes the only thing keeping me calm ?cause I don?t know where to go I don?t know, I don?t know this happy feeling fades away Walkin? just down this fuckin? alley Chorus: I?m tired of being here I?m sick of living in this world it?s like drinking too much you see yourself walking down the room then you stand in front of the mirror This face I see everyday, it sucks! V2 These smiles, this happiness just faked and I fell like I?m not living any more I?m bored by things I do Different day, the same shit but I don?t know who you don?t know what it?s like you?ve never felt like me you never saw this different side I even don?t know myself I?m just lauhing about you I?m still not getting any help ?Cause no one listens nobody knows what to do And so am feeling I Chorus Bridge: So I?m saying it again ?Cause it seems you didn?t hear me I?m tired of being here Sick of my life? (sick of my life, sick of my life, sick of my life,...) Chorus

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