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Lyrics to Sick And Impatient
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I’ve wasted days, but they don’t mind.
There’s something in my room, and it tells me what I should do.
And it’s been in there for quite a while, it taught me all i know,
Where I should be, and where I’ll go.
Will you save my life tonight?

I can see it in my mother’s eyes, and the way she talks about me.
Some things are better left to rot.
I’m quick to push, I’m quick to shove, and the first to point the finger.
No company could ever be enough.
I’ll stay outside tonight.

I got sick and impatient.

I spoke too soon, you made your move.
You’re walking with a smile.
I’m wide awake, it’s late, I’m driving.
While the neighbors sleep, I’m cutting ties.
Lose myself in my head.
Convince myself to forget what is real.

Will you save my life tonight?

I got sick and impatient.
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