Lyrics to Shy Guy
Shy Guy Video:
Spoken: This is a story about a shy guyBut I can't say his name...Got your picture on my wallAlong with all the other things I treasureThey don't measure up to youMy friends don't understandWhat it is that's makes you so special to meThe little things that they can't seeBridgeQuietly perfect andTotally worth itIf they only knewWhat I know about youChorusMr. Shy Guy, Mr. Nice Guy (Shy Guy)What am I to do?I wanna tell you all my secretsI wanna be with youMr. Shy Guy (my guy) Mr. Nice GuyWould you believe I gotta crush (I've gotta crush) on youShy Guy - on you (on you)Do do doDo do do do do do (2x)Shy Guy - Shy Guy...Shy GuySpoken: Shy Guy - you know who you are.

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