Lyrics to Shutterbug
Shutterbug Video:
It's freezing in Bristol
There's love on the telly
A girl grinning at me
She's doing the shimmy
And she's cool
And she's skinny
And she's a fool
For the last living rock king
It's her thrill it's her wonder
It's her will it's her way home
She's right where she always wanted to be
She can't change, change change
It's lightning in London ( it's lightning in London )
There's shit on the telly ( There's shit on TV )
You're pushing my buttons ( You're pushing my buttons )
You know how to touch me
And I knew
That you'd choose me
By the times
That you tried to refuse me
It's your thrill it's your wonder
It's your will it's your way home
You're right where you always wanted to be
You can't change, change, change
It's morning in philly ( It's morning in philly )
My head's feeling heavy ( My head's feeling heavy )
The sun makes me dizzy ( The sun makes me sick )
You monkey you left me
And I know that you miss me
By the way that you kiss and resist me
It's my thrill it's my wonder
It's my will it's my way home
I'm right where I always dreamed I would be
I can't change, change, change
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