Showboat (The End of Entertainment) Lyrics

H. Letham

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Lyrics to Showboat (The End of Entertainment)
You dance to the beat of your own drum,
do you like it fast? do you like it mellow?
and you could be happy if it's what you want.
if it's what You want.
if you really want it...

So consume me,
in off-beat melodies.
in dirty tempos,
cause I know,
that God, he gets a laugh, "Hahaha"
out of my mistakes...
and he needs amusement from some place.

So dress me up and throw me out on stage,
you're the actor, it's what their after.
I'm not the monster that I portray myself to be.
but I'm in costume, I'll stay in character...

So consume me,
in off chance occurrences..
in sweet encounters,
I don't remember.. but honey,
I can make it seem like Everything
is dandy,
and I'm content, just like her.

You're the artist, the show maker!
show your weakness, and entertain us!
write down words that look great on paper,
but you come on and play them...
I'm sure they'll sound just fine.
Find your soul, but remove the depth,
cause people love what lacks concept,
now I'll find a sound, ya'll know and love,
and just exploit it,
because originality is new to the audience...

You're the Audience.
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