Show You That I Care Lyrics

Sam Salter

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Lyrics to Show You That I Care
Show You That I Care Video:
When we were on the phone today
You told me what you had to say
That I wasn't givin' up
The love that I had in store for you
You felt that you weren't being treated true
And so I vow to be the only one
To give you my heart
And never let us be torn apart

And baby I'll give you love
Then you'll see I Care enough
Then maybe you'll realize
That I'll give you everything you need
And all that your heart can see
I love you babe, I need you baby
Everything I do is to show you that I care

So will you be my girl tonight
So I can make you feel alright
And as we dance into the cold air
I'll keep you warm, baby keep you near
So that you don't have to ever fear - no, no
And that your heart won't be torn apart
I'll give you my time
And never let you out of my life - no oh oh oh


So why don't you just believe me baby
Said I'm sayin' it, and I'm doin' it now
I don't want to live without you baby
I really want to hold you
I really want to show you
If I want to love you, yes I do baby, baby, baby

[Hook x2: to fade]
Songwriters: T. RICH
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