Shotgun Wedding Lyrics

Roy C

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Lyrics to Shotgun Wedding
Shotgun Wedding Video:
People were standing all around At a shotgun wedding here in this town And I'm the victim and oh yeah Of a shotgun wedding 'Cause your father got a gun And there ain't no place to run Shotgun wedding and oh yeah My, my, my, my, my, my, my, oh yeah Somebody please, somebody Ohohoho, please come down, oh yeah Now I got to find a job, yes, I have For you, me, the baby makes three Shotgun (Shotgun), shotgun (Shotgun) Shotgun (Shotgun), shotgun (Shotgun) Shotgun (Shotgun), oh, shotgun (Shotgun) Shotgun wedding and oh yeah Do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife? Ohohohoho Yeah, yeaheaheah Now look around and all I could see And all I could see All I could see, yeah A shotgun (Shotgun), shotgun (Shotgun) Shotgun (Shotgun), shotgun (Shotgun) Shotgun wedding (Shotgun), shotgun Somebody please, come rescue me and oh yeah Lord, lord, lord, shotgun (Shotgun), shotgun (Shotgun) Shotgun wedding (Shotgun)

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