Lyrics to Shot Caller
Shot Caller Video:
When I'm riding, riding with the chopper
European with about 2 boppers
Hit a nigga quick then I slide from the coppers
Bop a nigga down like a top shotter

Yea, marijuana and marinas on a speed boat
Your sex organs in your hand mine is in her throat
Blow yankee fitteds the whole teams out
Mansion lookin like darrachetta dream house
I'm a man ape on the mic
The weed grape and the work is white, aiight
So if you in artistic I'm in approachable
You inappropriate shooters are smoking you
Free surgery for pre sweet mc's
Don't get ya head caught up in this gullitine
Half a brick I'm a kill a fiend
I'm a pimp, I'm a sell her dreams
Uh, red bottoms and trips to milan
Big daddy kane piece on
Playin papadeauxs with hoes out in houston
Feds snatched my homie like swiper no swiping
Swipe the half a mill gotta 100 indictments
I kill my insecurites with jewellery
Security won't need security the rockwells fully, automatic
Disappear david blaine magic
Csi ya die the scene tragic


She know I'm a baller, hermeez aura
Know I'm a baller, red bottoms stalker
Know I'm a baller, hating don't call her
Know I'm a baller, and don't call her

Yea, the unit is back
Hot summer nigga
Nigga 50 just sold 2 milliion with jeremih
Banks almost get the awards
Ha, and haters is spinning crazy
The unit is back
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