Lyrics to Shorty
Shorty Video:
1 - Shorty you keep playin' with my mind You tease me all the time but I had enough Maybe I should ask your girlfriends why Why you are so afraid to fall in love Girl I won't get next to you You know I don't like sweatin' you But something 'bout the way you make me feel You got me in this fantasy And all my friends keep tellin' me Shorty's kinda hot, so what's the deal? 2 - Cuz we been spendin', rollin', livin', showin' We got some time for play But you've been player hatin', waitin' For this rhyme to pass away Repeat 1 You only get the best with me I wanna give you everything And anything you ask of me I will And I don't want to front on you So tell me what you wanna do And if I'm not the one Just keep it real Repeat 2 Repeat 1 [Keith Murray] Now first of all baby, what's my name? Spell it backwards you read game I'm known for splittin' wigs and readin' brains And when I say splittin' wigs and readin' brains I mean breakin' it down conversation-wise Let me explain I'm in your corner, girl be on my team Together we could fulfill each other's life dream We both Gemini so we got 2 sides Our zodiac sign is the perfect sign Cuz she replied, "All Gemini's lie" I guess this is what it feels like when doves cry Your attitude is deep cover Won't give me the number Cold play me out like a foul, a bleep or a blunder It's like a burnin' in the chest, a cardiac arrest You look like you havin' fun puttin' me thru stress So in between time and in the meantime You do your thing and I do mine But don't play wit my mind Shorty, shorty Won't you please get naughty with me And if you really wanna I can be your fantasy You are so afraid, oh baby Repeat 1 until fade

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