Lyrics to Shore Points
Shore Points Video:
genius senses capture overlapping smeared & dazzling grids
some trails expanding Juarez oceanic from Horizon City
tasted incipient sickness in the mucus produced by a cough
one day you’ll say “you’re peering top-down into me”

when the light pollution parking lot cabals
fall asleep in ice-covered cars far from the interstate
a submerged home
a snowbanked lane

the smoke from a house fire
refineries and water pipes
Elizabeth’s smog
my friend, I pause to remember you

I gotta root it so you know
that it’s human weeping through the dremel tool holes
and shaking like a leaf beneath the covers
even though you hold me
exit for Shore Points
I don’t want to go to Spring Lake again
‘cause walking in a dream did this evil
that's staying with me

sodium vapor lamps reflect in spin-out strips of black ice
cattails sway in the concrete
the wood smoke transports me
your small human sounds haunt the street
is it a gas leak, the last unity
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