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Lyrics to Shopping Malls And Alcohol
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It's cold outside, so you might wanna grab a jacket.
You might wanna grab my hand, too.
You know, I've done some thinking.
And I think you're quite alright.
So if you're not too busy, could I be in your life?
Alteast for just tonight, let me be the one to hold you.
And fall asleep at your side.
And when we wake up in the morning, I'll whisper in your ear.
Anything and everything you've been dying to hear.

So stay a little longer, pretty.
There's nothing for you in this city.
You're as welcome here as much as me.
And tell me what you think when you look into my eyes.
I'm dying just to hear your voice.

Maybe things are easier said than done.
And shopping malls, and alcohol, will give you what you want.
Through the days you'll find a place to call your own.
Settle down and hope for the best.
And soon enough our teenage years will pass before our eyes.
And we'll never talk unless it's breif.
That is unless we take this chance, jump the gun and try romance.
And pretend to be more than just a phase...

So let me hold you tonight.
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