Lyrics to Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall Video:
Hey now I'm gonna give my baby a call
I'm gonna meet her downtown, at the brand new fashion mall
I aint got no job, no way to pay my rent
But i keep shopping till I squander my last cent

Come here now baby try on these discount shoes
For $2.92 you can lose those shopping mall blues
Well your dad don't like me, but your mama thinks I'm swell
I stop for dinner but your house has a funny smell

I'm gonna wash in the fountain, use the public telephone
This shopping mall is gonna be my brand new home
It's got ample parking and I buy a donut at the donut shack
I don't wash no dishes, when your eating from a paper sack

So don't turn me in, cause I hang around all day long
If there weren't no fools there sure wouldn't be no malls
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