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Lyrics to Shopping Bag Lady
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City lights and the pretty sights beckoned you to roam,
Leavin' now and you're knowin' how, you're on your own,
Family and reality seem so far away,
Feelin' fine and the happy times have left you to stay.

Oh shopping bag lady, asleep on the snow,
If you had your fortune, you'd trade it for a kind Hello,
Oh shopping bag lady the winter winds blow,
Society has forgotten you, there's nowhere left for you to go.

Through the tears, all your better years passin' by so fast,
Loneliness is a part of you, and oh how it lasts,
No one there, there to really care, the city seems so cold,
Yesterday you were just a child, today you're so old...

I would love to hold you,
Nights when you're alone and the cold and dark is killin' you ever so slowly,
I would love to love you,
Nights when you're alone, you're alone.

I know the days used to be something different for you,
I know it's cold and lonely and it's misery,
I wanna help you, I wanna help you, I wanna help you when you're down,
I wanna look around and find a helping hand for you,
Oh no it's never too late, Oh no it's never too late to try and help you out,
I know you're cold and it's misery,
I can tell the days used to be something different for you.
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