Lyrics to Shopmobility Scooter
Shopmobility Scooter Video:
In 2004 I read a letter in the star
It were about a german market in the town
They were sellin fancy cheese an meet, an continentil wine
An the author of the letter had to frown

Cause where's he gonna park
Where's he gonna park
His shopmobility scooterrrrrr......
Tadaaaayyyy X 2

In 2005 I heard a tale in the pub
Big frank were tekkin scooter down to shop
Well half way there , he hit the kerb an battery went flat
Now he's stuck about ½ a mile from co-op.

An where's he gonna charge
Where's he gonna charge
His shopmibility scooterrrr.......
Tadaaayyyyy X 2

In 2006 I had me eye on fairer sex
I where tryin t impress this lovely lass called jean
I got meself a rascal an painted lightning on the side
Now I'm courting, an its thanks to mean machine

But where am I gonna put jean
Where am I gonna put jean
In me shopmobility scooterrrrr....
Tadaaayyyyyy X 2

I love you jean...

(Thanks to ellie for these lyrics)
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