Shootout On The Plantation Lyrics

Leon Russell

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Lyrics to Shootout On The Plantation
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Junior and the drummer are fighting About a woman in the neighborhood Oh, the drummer never hit a bad lick in his life And Junior never hit any good Yeah, the colonel said that women are for loving, not fighting, But that didn't clear the air 'Cause Junior's still living in the blackboard jungle With his Elvis Presley hair Yeah, the drummer's got the drum, the colonel's got the gun And Junior's only got a knife, he'd better run It's a shootout on the plantation, it's so hard to understand Why do some people have to hurt somebody? The firewater's not the villain. Oh the last one to kiss is the first to shoot And stabbing your friends is such a drag to boot It's a shootout on the plantation Oh, heaven help Mister Swan, yeah. (help me) And the cold steel blade is shining Enough to cause your blood to freeze But the drummer is drumming a Rolling Stones' number On Junior's head and on his knees Oh, Oklahoma's lonesome cowboys are turned on in Tinsel Town I knew there'd be some cameras rolling if Andy was standing around. (chorus) Won't somebody help me You gotta help me, help me, help me.. Why don't you help me, help me? Why don't you tell me about it? Why don't you scream and shout it? Won't you help your mister? Won't you kiss your sister?

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