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Lyrics to Shiver Me Timbers
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In truth, I know that I could be something more substantial than this.

They're fading fast, the memories, they all begin to dim.
All the hope and all the courage that he's ever held within.
The simple things in life, they say they're better left unsaid.
As it leaves images of hopeful friends run circles in his head.

But, all this time he never really understood exactly what he had,
and yet he finds hope in it. He finds so much hope in it.
An upward glance and broken smile remind him who he is.
It keeps him here and now; his feet upon the ground.

Every thought and every memory that he has held within
is so much easier to take in doses when they're consuming him.
Life would be easy if the past could move with you,
but every person in your past has memories that they're reliving too.

Who could live this life much better than him?
Who else is there out there that holds these memories within?

This I know. Where's your crown now?

I take my foot, and I push down on the earth.
I feel your lungs give out.
I've given myself, and all I'm worth. Now no ones there.
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