Lyrics to Shiver
Shiver Video:
Tell me what u really wanna say
When you see me turn and walk away
And now its rising up inside
Can you feel it now, can you feel it...
I don't feel the same...
Does it justify the end?
When all you needed was a friend,
And now it's coming up inside,
Can you feel it, now, can you feel it...

I don't mind... when you feel so hollow and you try to follow,
(You wanna cry... when this feeling comes up and you wanna,)
Let it die... let it die

Looking for the one to take your side,
You think everything you say is right... you need it
Still you can not break this chain,
As you try to lay the blame,
And now it's rising up again,
Can you feel it; oh can you feel it...


Difficulty living with these scars,
I wonder if you tried too hard,
The shiver running down your spine,
You know it's not just in your mind,
And the music plays along,
While your singing the same old song,
Of all the things we couldn't see
And all the things we'll never be...

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