Lyrics to Shit Out
Shit Out Video:
Say that you used to be a skinhead
And you stood so proud and true
Walking down the street with your head held high
As you battle against the Jew
Now you say that you changed your ways
Say you set them right
You realized that you were wrong
And now you set them right

You're a conformist, a feeble minded fool
Hung up your boots to join the Zionist rule
Your time will come like every traitors will
Just another number on our list of ones to kill!

You turned your back on your close friends
And you walked the other way
Climbed to the other side of the fence
Your ideals you now betray
Once you seemed to be a strong warrior
But now you stride with cowardice
If you're not now, you never were
'Cause true warriors persist

(Repeat Chorus)

Say that you had a false sense of pride
That was just triggered by hate
Say that I should follow your path
Before it gets too late
Well I say, "Fuck you"
'Cause I'll never change my ways
My heart is strong my mind is set
This is my life not a fuckin' phase

(Repeat Chorus)
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