Lyrics to ...shit
...shit Video:
This is the third time
Ive been in this situation
This is the last time
I tell myself
I won't let you bring me down
I won't let my world crumble around me
Or go crawling back to you
I knew that it would be a problem from the beginning
But I'm only beginning to find out that what I know so well in my mind
My heart is blind to see
You don't love me

This isn't right
It just isn't fair
That's the last time I'll get to kiss you
Feel your hair, your lips, your tongue, your hips
Your smooth skin, this means no more trips
To the thrift store to pick out gifts
For Valentine's day so we know exactly what each other wants
But though we knew the kind of gifts, we didn't know the type of relationship
That we were looking for, even though we thought we did

I want something a little deeper, and you want something a little cheaper
I want something a little cheesier, and you want something a whole lot easier
I want something I can keep, you want someone with which you can sleep
For one night, and then throw away, like Kleenex, sex for just a day
Im more interested in clich├ęs, while you would rather pick up strays
My life won't be in disarray cause I won't wait, kneel and obey
I'll live my life my own damn way, and you can live yours the way you want to

I'm moving out my stuff and moving on with my life
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