Lyrics to Shipping
Shipping Video:
Send me a big smile.
Envelope me in your arms.
Tape my knees across my tummy.
Shut me up inside a cardboard box.

Litter it with first class stamps and
Tell me that I'm number one.
Maybe a sticker or two to
Show everyone that I'm fun.

Remember that you needn't bother
Pack me a lunch box or water.
Just remember that I love you.
Just remember that you'll never

See me ever again.
My body got messed up on the train.
A case of wine and some
Boxes of knives fell
On my face. Now,
I am going to die.

I close my eyes and listen to my
Insides becoming outsides.
I listen to them wave and file
Out of me in a parade.

My kidneys descend hand in hand
After the storm has cleared
Like a couple of soggy truffles
Or a loving pair of deer.

Well, I wasn't built quite strong enough
To keep them warm and safe.
I cried as your heart tumbled out with mine.
Our love would never propagate.

Maybe I could find a boat to
Take us both away.
I wouldn't have to miss you anymore.
I promise it would be the same.

I'd listen to you giggle
And I'd listen to your heart beat faster
With every caress,
I'd listen long into each morning after.
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