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Lyrics to Ship On a Sea
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Here on a silent shore
Awake on the nile
A tall burning bridge was born
on the back of a child
I saw the walls go up
and the sky take to flame
and the words of a sermon
was the ground we had laid
A warm rolling wind came through
and soon you would leave
but that tall burning bridge came down
and forced you to kneel
By the light of a fire
That burned from a spark to a pyre
You will understand me now
Like a ship on the sea
Like a vessel tossed on these waves
You will come to learn
Down in the wild thorn
in the dirt of the world
You put your hand on a river
with your feet in a mire
All in this sudden rain
All for this shower
I was the weed in the promised land
The bull and the flower
For when the salt is the wound
and the truth won't bend for the world
You will come to answer me
Like a ship on a sea
You will answer me
Like a vessel
You will come to learn
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