She's Such A Drag Lyrics

Murray Head

Say It Ain't So

Lyrics to She's Such A Drag
She's Such A Drag Video:
Darling you'll love it, it's down on the corner
Wearing those star-studded high heel boots
Wear your mascara, try on the tiara
Perhaps it'll cover up some of your roots
She's such a drag
She's such a drag

Leather for pleasure, whatever the weather
Cruisin' and losin' her old cares and woes
Street invitation, the newest sensation
Forget your intention when your petticoat shows
She-she such a drag
Ooh! She such a drag

Step up on the merry-go-round
There's plenty room for more
It's a carnival, a circus that we've gotta preserve
It's the meatiest show of all
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