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The Gift

Lyrics to She's Over Me
She's Over Me Video:
She said she's over me
Now there's a feeling of
Emptiness taking over me
She said she was
Tired of the silly games that I was trying to play
Thought she'd come running back
But that was the last day I saw her face
My baby's over me

Verse 1: (MR. JONES)
I learned my lesson but it was far too late
She decided she had no more time to wait
She was patient and sure to let me know
If things don't change I'm sorry but I got to go
But we've been here before she never leaves for long
Maybe that's why I kept doing her wrong
Cause I believe that she loved me enough to keep
Coming back to me


Verse 2: (BIG MIKE)
It still ain't really hit me, that my baby's gone
Cause after work I still find myself rushing home
For your love, for the smell of your perfume
But all I hear is echoes in these empty rooms
Yeah I had my fun, but it wasn't worth our love
Wish I could take it back, but girl what's done is done
Now we on the phone and I hear in her tone
Still I remain alone


Bridge: (SING-SING)
I took her loving for granted, she became
So disenchanted from the pain
But I'd never thought I'd see this day
But once a woman is fed up it's too late
To hold on she's going to get up, get away
And there's nothing you can do or say to make her stay

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