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Lyrics to She's Like A Shot
She's Like A Shot Video:
She must have opened me up
And messed with something inside my skull
Tell me now, what did you find
Inside that desolate hole?
Crouched with my head in my heads
Shake to the sound of a car alarm
I want it understood
I'm trying to be good

She's like a shot in the arm

Guess every vice has it's price
You don't get by on your charm for long
I think I've seen the light
I sing a different song
A hundred pictures of shame
Busting chards all around the car
Yeah, when I'm all messed up
When I feel like giving up

She's like a shot in the arm

She found the hole in my heart
She found the crack in my wall
Crawled in through a hole in my heart
She busted me out of that hell

She's like a shot in the arm
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