Lyrics to She's Falling
She's Falling Video:
I know this girls about to fall
She walks the razor's edge
She barely misses dropping off
Pushed over by this boy
The same girl that used to run
But now he makes her crawl
Shes the girl that used to make me smile
Just from the thought of her voice
But no longer
She has changed
And it is all him
He changed the perfect girl
Where will she go from here
And will we end up friends
She has her own life to live
But what of it
Such a short time
Yet so excruciatingly long
Will she let him pull her down
Or will she be strong
Does she need me
Or can she make it on her own
She doesn't see what I see in him
But maybe if I give it one more try
Maybe I can open her eyes
Let her see the edge she is balancing on
The last string on the tether
Suspending her high above it all
So high above everything
That she cannot see what this is doing to her
But the last string will soon break
But then what?
â??She's burning up
She's breaking down
And its not funny like on television�
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