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Lyrics to She's Amazing
She's Amazing Video:
I see her wake up in the morning
see her smile with sleepy eyes
She's got that tiny dimple when she's yawning
She still hits me by surprise
I can't help looking at her changing
How she takes off her shirt and does her hair
Still can't believe what I see
She means the world to me

She's amazing
See the fire in her eyes that's always blazing
She's got everything to take my breath away
And with anything she does she makes my world sing
She's amazing

Now I know I've never been in love before
Now I know that nothing else was right
It feels like finally I've reached the shore
Every time she holds me tight
She's sweet and tough and wise and crazy
I guess she's everything at once
Yes she still blows me away
I need her every day

She's amazing

Never ask an angel what she's thinking
Never even try to read her mind
Just tell her every day how much you love her
She is one of a kind

She's amazing
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