Lyrics to She's A Gun
She's A Gun Video:
Love your body long, say a top of the morning baby

Turn of our phones, take a stroll, have a conversation

Haven't been real for a mighty long time

You make me feel, gotta make you mine

No other girl got the guts to admit they're faking

(She's a gun) 9mm (Hit and run) a heavy hitter (She's gun) She shot me down and i fell in love

(She's a gun) a 45 (Hit and run) fell to the ground (She's a gun) She shot me down and i fell in love

Wanna tag along, on a worldwide journey baby

Take off our clothes, camera pose at the colosseum

F***s with my mind just to see if i work

Time to bow down and take this girl to church

Bonnie and I, drawling lines over complications

Each day, the same thing….the lovers lead

Each day, the same thing…she penetrates

Each day, i'll wait for it… wait for it… wait for it….

She shot me down….

(Gracias a Samir Jose Rodriguez Salcedo por esta letra)
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