Lyrics to Shepherd's Song
Shepherd's Song Video:
Glue my beard on
Rehearse my lines and entrance
Cardboard stable, parents in audience
I heard from the angel my part in the play
And talked to the baby asleep on the hay
And even if it was a voice in my head
I would like to hear it again

But I could not keep watch over my beliefs
Dressed in wool death approached while I was asleep
Resting so soundly as the wolves quiet crawled
The holy night silent did not wake me at all
And even as blood was spilled out in the dark
And my eyes pried the horizon apart
You never appeared there

Bored by the years of waiting out here
Frail from defending dead faith in a field
My costume crew crutch cannot hold me up
So if you have a message transmission for us
Something transcendent miraculous sign
A blinding white roadmap in the thick of the night

Even if it's just a star in the sky
I would like to see it sometime
See it sometime
Before I die
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