Lyrics to Shelter
Shelter Video:
I need your shelter. I've had enough. Oh, I need your help. Just through my eyes I see, thinking that this world revolves around me. And with myself as the center, I'll never see, what is illusion and reality. NAMA OM VISNU-PADAYA KRSNA-PRESTHAYA BHU-TALE SRIMATE BHAKTIVEDANTA SVAMIN ITI NAMINE. I'm all tied up and my eyes are shut. And these chains I've made they're too tough to cut. By me, by me, I need someone who's free. Inattentive, insensitive, for what others have found. Letting false ego drag me around. I'm confessing, I'm missing all I can learn. I'm not humbling, I'm crumblig and now I'm concerned. I'll never fulfill these desires, I need something hire. Please save me from this fire

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