Lyrics to Shelter
Shelter Video:
Inner power, Strength of the mind,
feelings which run deep inside.
I never gave in, I never will,
'cause of the direction of my will.

I won't condemn those with different ways
but I won't be there for their wasted days.
The power, the strength, will never fade,
seeing clear through the dardened haze,
that you've built up in your life.
Your the killer, the bottle's the knife,
in this plot the situation won't change.
I'll stand here, my feelings won't change,
not penty substance will take a hold
and bring down expectations in which I hold.

The edge is in my blood, it never will go,
I'll never sacrifice the body nor pollute the soul,
the beneficial factors were never there,
it's just an empty effort trying to bare.
What we must bare is our ignorance
and true happines will then suface.

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