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Lyrics to Shelf Life
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Bleached teeth, cheap plastic sleek
Can't stop your eyes from screaming defeat.
Fat-free, TV, diluted to a product of industry
Safe, clean, pet routine
Tasteless, faceless Pleistocene Queen
In your plexi-glazed shopping cage
In a gridlocked maze of redecorated rage.

Tranquilized by culture
Cauterized with sugar
Dressed up tight in Polythene
Standardized buying machine.

Blind, deaf, dumb but able
To keep a glass Palace stable
With your credit card fate, recycled bite-sized hates
Rely on the ideals that the adverts create.
Young, white, obedient and healthy
Passive, guilty and materially wealthy
Devoted fears of being small
Make you scared to reach further just incase you fall.

Sterilized autonomy
Civilised like Barbie
Victimize for comfort
Sense of love when you're buying and lying to yourself.

Your shelf life has dated
Saccharified your last breath
Fossilize in your packaging
Plasticized Dark Age

(Thanks to Federal Manship for these lyrics)
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