Lyrics to Sheila Says
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Shelia says the heart is just a muscle Shelia says the heart is cooled by time Hiding out for years down in these trade winds In the land of coconuts and limes Chorus: I've played this game for too long My life's just one same old song Now marooned for a time on this island I go into and out of the fog And that's why I live with my dog Instrumental Bridge Men oh, men oh, oh men I've known to many Deceivers cloaked in clumsy vanity What men lack in love and understanding They make up in stupidity Chorus: But now and then one comes along And lights up my world like a song I am tempted to unleash my interest Yet I put it to you man's best friend There's just one sad old way it can end Bridge: We have our faults But men have only two All that they say All that they do You're a joy and a friend and a guardian Never bored with my sad monologue You're better off with a dog Sheila says the heart's just a muscle Sheila says the heart's just a muscle

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