Lyrics to She Gotta Smile
She Gotta Smile Video:
She gotta smile
Yeah she gotta smile
and shes flashin it right at me

she gotta wink
a wink across the bar
and i know that its meant to be

she gotta walk
oo she walking over
and i know it could be my day

she gotta.. friend.. oo shes gotta friend
whys she standing in her way?

its a big fat friend
oh god theres always one
big fat friend
to spoil my f--king fun

now baby baby baby
if its boots you wanna knock
leave your chubbly friend at home
because shes gonna block the cock

i'm afraid of no man
with any i contend
but i cannot compete
with your big fat friend

so big fat friend? ah we meet again
you wont leave her alone
you roll your eyes
make sarcastic comments
while youre sucking on the chicken bone

but thats okay
you think you won the battle
but i tend to disagree
see i know you and your achilles heel
and hes standing next to me

my nondiscriminating friend
so what that youre a cow?
nondiscriminating friend
ill nail you anyhow

i know that hes no looker
and hes had a couple rounds
but with every shot of yager
hey you loose a couple pounds

now baby baby baby
bring the evening to an end
just you and me and my pal and your big fat friend
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