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Lyrics to Shawty You A 10! (Remix) 3
Shawty You A 10! (Remix) 3 Video:
(feat. R. Kelly)

Allow me to re-introduce myself
{I got a surprise for ya'll}
It's the American Dream from the A...
I'm with my big homie Kellz

Well, shawty listen. It's the remix
No other than, your boyfriend, Kellz
And we roll up to the club like "aye"
And we all up in the club like "aye"
Tell security to move the ropes back
Let the chicks in, we in the VIP poppin' bottles.
Man I'm off that patron, clownin and carryin on
I'm so drunk that ugly girls look like supermodels
However I'm in the building, and I'm ballin how a baller do
So many honeys in the building, ya'll know I'm playin it like a player do
I walk up to one girl, and she's got her friend with her
Peppin to a real... baby I'm a go getta
The girl I meet got a nice booty; otha girl's is much bigga
Ask me how I do em both, I'm kellz... go figure
Ooh (hey)
Then go to Kellz on the remix
Ooh (hey)
And haters wanna hate 'cause I'm the S*! +
I'm the s***, Kellz is the sh**, I'm the sh**
And shawty is the s***, She's the s***, together we the sh**, we the sh** (oh oh)

(You must be the American Dream)
I got to show my respect so Kelly had to go first (I)
I'm a put my shawty to bed after this verse (I)
Flam's poppins all up in the phantom
I'm all up her hair like dandruff
Shawty so cool, booty so cute
Shawty is the ish, so I is too.
So you can call yo man and tell em that you ain't coming back
I got pockets full of stacks, she staying where she at
Ish happens when you don't treat your girl right
Put it on the "aye" all it takes is a night
Now she 'round here doing everything I like, I like
If shawty keep it real with you, you should tip her, you should tip her
But if she gone all night and got more money than you, umm, she just might be a stipper

It was Keishia, from the "Chi"
Tonya, from the "A"
Sonya, from "Huston"
Monique from the "Bay"
Neci from "Seattle"
KiKi to New York
Now when I see you on 23 all I can say...

You know we had to do a remix... mix
Kelly and Dream, you already know
"Shawty is a hit, a hit" [x4]

Shawty is the... shawty is the... let me leave my girlfriend quick [x3]
(It's the remix) make me leave my girlfriend quick [x2]
(It's the remix) It's Kellz and Dream

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