Shattering Mirrors Lyrics

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Lyrics to Shattering Mirrors
Shattering Mirrors Video:
You took the dusty glass from
The mirrors that surround you
To create the lens you used
To obscure me from across an ocean.
And when your gaze strips me
I question my identity.
Sell me the setting sun, then one by one
Withdraw with your disgrace.

Can you see the faded scars
On my face and arms
From times when I was torn apart
(Sew together broken parts.)
So many things I wished I'd said to you
Refused to surface when face to face
With what we can't erase.

These feelings, these feelings
Left to work out on my own
Now that I'm forced so far from home.
Caught dreaming, I'm reeling now,
Plagued by notion of somehow reliving
The way it used to be.

Now you're staring at the background
Because if your eyes met mine
The image alone would leave you blind

So will you care to see me when I'm gone?

Just hide me in the backdrop to your dream
Use spite to sew together the seams
When you promised the world you'd make
That you'll just as soon take away
Did you imagine me there at the closing parade?
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