Lyrics to Shattered
Shattered Video:
Shattered (Kenny,Murphy)

Emer Kenny Vocals, Harp, Keyboards

John Murphy Programming, Keyboards

Bobby Robinson Guitar

Sean McGeeney Bass

You know I love you, you know I do

So why do you sometimes act so cruel

Shouting and screaming and making me cry

Feel like my life is just passing me by


Shattered, Shattered

I'm still in love with you

Shattered, Shattered

Is your love still true

Is your love still true

You used to love me, you used to care

We used to laugh and have fun together

We used to make love all through the night

Now all we ever seem to do is fight


Liyng with our baby late afternoon

Looking at the mess of my life in our room

Staring out the window into the bright

Wondering why you never came home last night


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