Shattered And Torn Lyrics

Fighting Gravity

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Lyrics to Shattered And Torn
Shattered And Torn Video:
My back's to the wall
My hands are tied
Say goodbye to the sleepless night
The glass has shattered and torn
Shattered and torn
Look over your shoulder
Run away from the pack
Down a vacant corridor
Turn the knife in your back
Knife in your back

Can't let my mind begins to slow
Or start to play the fool
The lamp is burning down to the core
No exceptions to the rule

The clock on the wall
Says it's getting late
Pick it up
Don't hesitate
Even if it means
You've got to let go

Take it down
To the bottoms light
Stripped bare It seems unkind
If you know what you want
The show is gonna last

The door is opened
Just step inside
And throw the guilt away
If you know what you want
Then it's the price you pay
I've seen that look somewhere before
Promises those eyes have made
Now they're shattered and torn
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