Lyrics to Shattered Amethyst
Shattered Amethyst Video:
Fuck you, bitch
I'm here all by myself
I tried the belt but couldn't get it tight enough, so I smoke the blunt
My lungs are rust
My brain is dust from all of these drugs
I can't think straight
I'll walk the plank
Spill my blood so sharks will come and eat me whole
In between hell and Earth I do the limbo
My body alive but my mind is dead
Going through the motions
All of them emotions
Dump me in the ocean
I'm drowning again
We don't have to pretend

Ok here we go
Blade to my throat
Whole floor soaked with blood from a goat
Bag fulla dope
Room fulla smoke
All black coat with a wolf for a cloak
Do you feel my essence
Depressing presence
My main goal in death is to blow up heaven
Don't get the message
Can't teach the lesson
Just a feeling that you get when you hang with peasants
Riding down Crescent my weapon is oh so sharp and ready
Ward of the 7th the legend is that you won't see 20
Me n' Lil Uzi fulla cruelty just a product of the times
The fucking highly almighty the G the 5 the 9
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