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Terra Firma

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Lyrics to Shatter The Silence
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In the blood of the martyrs, lies the seeds of the next generation
No more killing No More bloodshed.
Through all these trials, they didn't forsake their faith.
They endured staring death in the face
Lifting hearts in constant praise
Hands tied down for the rest of their days.
For all of those who've died. For living in your name.
For spreading all your words, Enduring all that pain.
Shatter the silence, I hold the promise still,
Shatter the silence, I vow to you I will,
Shatter the silence, The promise I make,
Shatter the silence, The vow I take,
Silence cries...
Silence the Holocaust, Speaking out at all cost,
We must not forget their chains,
Thir struggle for truth remains,
Judged by bloody hands, Only God's judgement stands.
A martyr's death, is a sacrifice,
For one much greater than himself
But God's gift is His self sacrifice for all of mankind.
Every word he said, Every tear he shed,
Every drop he bled, It was for you.
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