Lyrics to Shape
Shape Video:
I live on my beach.​
water surrounding me.​
And it's got too deep;​
I let it get too deep.​
My home has no shape;​
nothing to sustain me,​
but it keep me safe​
from imagined pain.​
In the dim light of the truth all you can do is bow.​
The walls often change.​
I'm new in this place, me.​
But I know I'll stay,​
Can't ever get away.​
When the crossing gets too wide​
then I go home​
to the fluctuation​
I have on my own.​
And I look out longingly​
over the beach.​
There's an ocean making life​
beyond my reach,​
and the vastness is​
too much for me to stand.​
And by the light of the truth all I can do is bow
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