Lyrics to Shanghaied
Shanghaied Video:
As soon as I jump from this ship
The sooner off I'll be
With my feet back on the ground
I won't drown
Retrace my steps back to your door
And walk no more
I'll tell my story
And you'll just stare back at me
Like I'm someone else you never met
A stranger in your room
With a face you never knew
And all the seas that I've sailed
And all the anchors I've dropped
Well they just stick to my mind
To loiter and kill my time
I know it's hard to love a man
That you thought you once knew
But I ask for what you can
For the love of this hand
Reinvent yourself a new
Way of life
It's not the ending
But a new beginning
Just wait and see
How this hand unfolds
And you just may
Find a different scene
One you never dreamed
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