Lyrics to Shame
Shame Video:
Year, once again

This is not only a story

It`s the reality of life

Look into the sky . . .

Stars in haven are flying so high

When you get around everything will be

Everything will be alright

If you`re rolling, stolling, holling and knowing

You hear my words cause they ain`t no lies

And everything is going

It`s jealousy, no history

Unintenionally, brutality

Now you came to see - to see the mystery

And check the game it used to be

16 years young little teenagers

Making little babies with the virus - at their ages


It`s a shame to play this game

Look into reality

It`s a shame can`t you feel the pain

It`s a shame to play the game

Got to face reality

It`s a shame you still feel the same

Live youy life in dignity

Can you stand the rain This hopeless world is driving me insane

My brain - I can`t maintain

All this people in this game

Just words to all

Who still don`t care a little bit

Just one thing to tell you ain`t shit!

Open your eyes and let me bring it to your soul

Keep the fait inside your herat

`Cause life must go on

Steps into your brain like a knife

And you`re afraid

Believe in god and you will find your way

R. Chorus

Sometimes I feel the pain inside of me

Every night and day

It seems the pain that I have

That I hate is all

That I`ve gained in this game

And I wish the rain

Would delete this flame - ohh, it`s a shame!

It`s a shame to play this game

Look into the reality

It`s a shame

Can`t yoou feel the pain, ohh . . .

It`s sticks into your brain . . .

It`s the reality of life!
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