Lyrics to Shallow Grave
Shallow Grave Video:
You killed my love
you were the one
bit by bit
the deed was done
by your calloused
heartless ways
and buried it in
a shallow grave

with each faithless
lie you told
i felt the knife
still deeper go
til my spirit
could not be saved
you left it in
a shallow grave

but one night
the hounds will find
the trail of clues
you left behind
and you will answer
for your sin
but i promise
until then

i will not rest
i won't forget
i'll haunt you
every chance i get
for the way
my heart was laid
so careless in
a shallow grave

from this cold
hard bed i pray
somehow you'll meet
the same dark fate
someone will take
the love you gave
and put it in
a shallow grave

no stone to mark
a shallow grave
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