Lyrics to Shake-Up
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The agency is defective
the agency is devil
you cannot trust it anymore

they destroed my wold
they destroyed my live
they destroed all my aspirations

at that moment in my time
my mind seemed to be set in stone
when you're shaken your score
you're bound to discover a new side
a whole new side

i may let them see me
i may let them see me stumble
but they will never see me foll

everything that i did wrong was never my intention
at that time, i thought it was the right thing to do,
now that i can remember, i can see the whole truth
i have found a new purpose,
i have found a new goal,
no one will anymore seduce me to the wrong side.
We live in a future, but we will not forget the past.
But we are running away from it.
but i always knew that one day, i will remember.
and i remember, everything.
i remember everything
i remember everything

(Merci à bourhis pour cettes paroles)
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