Shadows Of Tthe Moon (The Winter Solstice) Lyrics


Empire Of The Fallen Angel

Lyrics to Shadows Of Tthe Moon (The Winter Solstice)
Shadows Of Tthe Moon (The Winter Solstice) Video:
Through Grey Clouds And Gloom
The Crescent Moon Shines Bright
Waxing And Waning In Seasonal Tide
Bringing The Winter Cold And Dark Of Night
Shadows Of The Moon Descend
On Dark And Ominous Mountains
Enveloping It's Towering Pinnacles
And Jagged Stone Cliffs
In A Cold And Stinging Silence
The Darkness Flows Downwards And Reaches Out
To Grasp And Purify The Now Desolate Forest
A Coven Of Night Gathers Within
To Observe The Rites Of Winter Passage
A Calling Of All Unto The Dark Gods
In Solace Of The Winter Storms
The Moonlight Mass Begins
In Exoneration Of The Snow White Forest
To Herald An Age Of Arcane Magic
On A Night Unyielding To The Dawn
In Celebration Of The Winter Solstice

[Lyrics: Ixithra]
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