Shadows Lyrics



Lyrics to Shadows
I’m tossed aside
Neglected and broken
I’m sick of it all
So bleak are the shadows inside

I’ve lost all hope, the fear and dread is never ending
These heinous thoughts swirl twisting through my mind
Ghosts of regret haunt the walls, foundations that i’m building
Slowly cracked the structures tumble down

I’ve tried to cast out these words of doubt
Left lying broken dreams blacked out
I’ve got no voice failure swallows my every word

I’ve tried to run, but I trip over rusty shackles
I have set sail, but still my anchor drags
I hate the man that stares back at me in my reflection
Shattered the glass, I’ve got no will to live

Don’t let these demons take hold of you
You’re worth much more than they value

The past is past you must move on
Just live and learn from what went wrong
Although the ghosts haunt time to time
Ignore them all stay on this climb

The past is the past
Just live in the moment
So scream this with me
We choose our destiny
Songwriters: Daniel Ralph, James Ash
Publisher: Lyrics © Eclipse Loud
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